Stop! Freeze! Drop that E-mail Attachment!

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Whatever you do don’t open it!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting. Ms. Ducktoes has been busy removing tons of malware from computers. On two of them, the clients opened an e-mail attachment that claimed to be from a friend. It was actually a worm working overtime and sending out e-mails from the friend’s infected computer.

When in doubt, check it out, my fearless feathered friends, before opening an attachment. Both clients got hundreds of spyware and a worm or two or ten, it’s hard to remember, I think I’m still in post-traumatic stress from it all. Before downloading, e-mail the friend and ask if they sent it to you. They definitely did, or, rather, a worm on their computer did, but if they don’t know it and didn’t send it deliberately, then it’s dastardly worm full of nasties.

So please give Ms. Ducktoes a rest and don’t download e-mail attachments that you’re not absolutely sure of, especially anything ending in .exe or .dll. You can open photos and text files but not executables!!!

If you do open one, call a tech, they may want to do a reformat, since for many techs that’s the knee-jerk reaction to a virus or spyware of any sort. They must be getting exercise from all that knee-jerking, I can tell you, with all the malware that is out there right now. You don’t have to lose everything, however, you can get rid of malware without reformatting, you really can.

Call 403-483-0105.

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