Get Perpendicular Animation from Hitachi

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] Here’s an entertaining animation about perpendicular recording on hard drives. It’s from Hitachi’s Global Storage Technology about Hitachi’s new hard drive technology. And click here to see the Lab Rats video on perpendicular hard drives. You have to download it in the different media types such as Quicktime and Real Player […]

Funny Post about the Program Boyfriend 5.0

[ad name=”new”] Need a laugh? This post uses computer terminology to talk about boyfriends and husbands. Well, I thought it was funny. Click here. [ad name=”new”]

Funny YouTube Videos

[ad name=”new”] For those of you facing huge spyware problems, or those in need of a laugh from other issues, computer or otherwise, here’s funny video about a computer helpline. Click here. Hope it makes you laugh. And here’s a video that shows a computer badly infested with spyware. This is what it can look […]