You’re Going to Die, Part 2

The only somewhat less awesome and cool facts behind the “You’re going to die, Jim,” story is this.  Google Chrome has what they call a “Sad Tab,” a page that appears when a tab crashes.  The page uses Dr. Leonard McCoy’s refrain, repeated 20 or more times on Star Trek episodes, “He’s dead, Jim.”

Sad page from Google Chrome

Here's the Sad Page from Google Chrome

This is what I think the mother and daughter of the two Jim’s saw on her computer screen.

I was a bit disappointed that we weren’t dealing with a hacker, but Jody thought it was still pretty cool.  I agree, it’s cool and fun of Google to play around like this.  Enough with boring.

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You’re Going to Die

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A Black-masked Hacker Breaking into a Computer

Hacker typing "You're going to die, Jim."

A client was online. She was typing away on an email. Then her computer blue-screened. A message appeared across the screen, “You’re going to die, Jim.”

So immediately her husband called our shop (Ducktoes Computer Repair Shop) and told the tech Jody what had happened. “Awesome,” Jody said.

“There are two Jims in this house,” the husband continued.

“Even more awesome,”  Jody said.

“Not to her, since the Jims are her ten-year-old son and 86-year-old father.”

“I can see that,” Jody said.

The next day, the man brought the computer in and told me the same story. “Cool,” I said.

He told me how Jody had said, “Awesome.” Then he laughed and said, “What is it about Jody and you that you like this?”

I laughed. “Because we’re weird?”

He laughed again. He mentioned the two Jims in the household. “Not so cool,” I said.

We did virus and spyware removal on the computer. It did have some malware and spyware, a password tracker among others. We decided the computer had been hacked.

But then at home later in the week, my husband said this error message appeared on his screen: “He’s dead, Jim.” My husband worried he had a virus. Noting the similarity to what had happened to the woman, I googled the phrase.

And in my next post I’ll tell you what I found out.

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