How Not to Get Viruses Ever Again

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Ducktoes Anti-Virus Cocktail

Ducktoes is offering another new product and service: Ducktoes Anti-Virus Cocktail. This is a combination of some super and highly-rated anti-virus and anti-malware software, and installation of Adblock with Google Chrome.



AdBlock blocks ads where a lot of viruses lurk.  We’ve recommended it for a long time to our clients.  That is why we are adding it to our cocktail.

What You Get
  1. Kaspersky Anti-virus
  2. Malwarebytes Pro
  3. Google Chrome with AdBlock
  4. Short Tutorial

For $90 you will get a one year subscriptions of Kaspersky Anti-virus (prevents 99% of viruses) and Malwarebytes Pro which is meant to work alongside Kaspersky or other anti-virus to provide extra protection. Malwarebytes Pro, unlike the free version, works in real time and has scheduled scans.  It prevents the dreaded encryption virus.  We configure both and install the Chrome and Adblock. You need to use Chrome as your browser for it to work well. We’ll also have a little chat on how to use all the above.

Really Top-Notch Protection

There is no guarantee because part of anti-virus protection is user behaviour which is out of our control. If you try hard enough you still can get viruses. Yet this will give you really good even top-notch protection.

In the Shop or Remotely

If you live in Calgary you can bring your computer into our repair shop and we can install and configure the anti-virus cocktail or we can do it remotely. We can also do it remotely for those not in Calgary, even our friends and followers who are not in Canada.

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Kaspersky Online Scanner

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virusremovaltoolKasperky again offers a free online scanner for virus removal. If you think you have a virus, I recommend you scan it with their scanner, among other things like Malwarebytes and Superantispyware.

You can keep on top of viruses yourself if you want by reading this blog and having a decent anti-virus, free or otherwise, installed on your computer.

Or if you prefer, you can let Ducktoes help you, in our shop, onsite in your home or business, or remotely. We are virus experts and can get rid of any virus without reformatting if we catch soon enough.

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