You have 1,238 spyware on your computer!! says Zlob

You have 1,238 spyware on your computer!! says Zlob


Zlob is a trojan horse. Trojan horses sneak into your computer disguised as something else. The Trojan horse Zlob masquerades as a codec, an application that decompresses videos and songs when you download them from the Internet. Without a codec, Windows Media Player can’t play the video or song.

Your computer gets infected when you try to download a video, but instead receive a notice that tells you that in order to play the video, you have to download a special codec.

You download the “special codec” in reality a Zlob Trojan horse–which immediately displays dire warnings usually from the right corner of the screen, where legitimate Windows update warnings typically are displayed. The Zlob warnings say in exaggerated language that your computer is infested with hundreds of spyware and malware and that the best remedy is an anti-spyware available for immediate purchase. This is really a rogue anti-spyware. If you are unfortunate enough to actually buy the rogue anti-spyware, it���ll fill your computer with a lot more adware. spyware, and malware.

Never buy an anti-spyware as a result of warnings that appear out of nowhere on your desktop!

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Also to prevent most spyware use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.
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