Content is King for SEO

Content is King for SEO

Seo Experiment Continues

While I wait for my site to go up (or not) in my SEO experiment, one thing is for certain. Good content is important, is king as they say. While I don’t know yet if writing four to five blog posts a week makes my website go up in ranking, I do know that it can’t hurt to have lots of good content on your site or blog.

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Content is King in SEO

Good Content

Good content is content your readers find helpful and want to read.  It boosts traffic to your site and links. It is even better if you add photos, videos, and graphics since it makes your posts or site much more interesting. Taking your own photos is great when possible. If you can afford to hire a photographer or filmmaker so much the better. You can also use stock photos.

Client Sites

Here are some client sites that have good content: has an amazing post about  five tips on how to cope with a divorce during the holidays. In fact, the blog has many excellent posts about getting a divorce especially about getting a divorce in Nevada. The owner is a savvy business person and excellent writer.

Devour Catering always has good content and a very professional looking website. She hires photographers and filmmakers for her catering events and is an excellent writer. Here’s one of her posts.

Derek Brown’s Driving Academy has many driving safety tips that could save your life in their blog.

Superyards has news items about Calgary snowfall and city snow by-laws and how to handle snow removal.  It also has lawn care and yard work tips.

If You Want Good Content

If you want to add a blog to your website, our web design and internet marketing department could do that for you. We can add a WordPress or other blog. We can also write the content.

by Cathie Dunklee-Donnell

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  1. That’s good going if you can manage 4 or 5 posts per week consistently. The biggest problem I have with blogging is thinking of something worth writing about – it’s really not so simple to keep it up.

    1. I agree, Jake, it’s hard. But so far Ducktoes has gone from position 6 on the first page of search results to position 3. So I think it is helping but I’m waiting awhile longer before I say anything.