Ducktoes IT Support for Calgary Businesses

Onsite Calgary IT Support at your Business When You Need Us: Immediate Help, Long term Solutions

Server or PC Down? POS not working? Virus? Internet down? Your employees or you can't work, business can't function? Networking problems? Help is on the way, today! We offer immediate help, and long term IT support solutions. We also can fix many computer problems and onsite IT support issues remotely from our office. Just give us a call. 403-219-3031.

We provide quality IT support for Calgary businesses.

Our IT Support offers many types of clients including law offices, restaurants, retail stores, medical offices, industrial businesses, and others.

For Calgary IT Support: Call (403) 219-3031 during business hours.

Calgary IT support professional working on his laptop

Quality, Prompt Calgary Tech Support for Businesses

Ducktoes Computer Services is an IT consultancy based in Calgary, Alberta. If you need troubleshooting or a immediate help please give us a call. We have experienced, honest, friendly techs who can get you back up and running ASAP. We also can give you advice and maintenance to prevent costly and stressful breakdowns from happening again.

  • Server and network problems
  • Workstation troubleshooting
  • IT Support for business, including restaurant, retail, industrial, commercial, professional and office
  • POS support
  • Hardware installs and troubleshooting
  • Hard drive support including Raid
  • Outsourcing Business IT Department and Techs
  • Software troubleshooting, including accounting software
  • Voice over IP Support and Installation
  • All Kinds of Phone Support and Installation
  • Switch Support
  • Networking
  • Debit and Credit Card Machines Installs and Troubleshooting
  • Printing problems
  • Backup and recovery
  • Web Design and Development
  • SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

Offering Complete Business IT Solutions

We provide Calgary IT Support to small, medium, and large businesses and corporations. From retail stores to corporate office repair and IT solutions. With a strong focus on customer service and an understanding of the constraints of business IT budgets, Ducktoes Computer Services deliver reliable, affordable solutions that will exceed your expectations.

We strive to become partners with our business clients and improve their business IT systems so they and their employees can be more productive and have less downtime, slow procedures, and little or no loss of data.  Downtime means the business stops working.  Slow procedures mean slow employees. A down server can cost a huge amount of money and take a huge amount of time to fix. A loss of data can be catastrophic.

Of course this means making IT improvement a priority.  Is your server so old that unpredictable problems may arise at anytime?  Are your best employees hampered and frustrated by a less-than-best computer?  Are your sales people waiting ten minutes of boot up time to get to their contact list? Let us help you overcome your IT problems and make more profit in the end. Ask us for a free consultation on how to have a more efficient and reliable computer system. We will match your needs and budget with the best options available.  It really is time.

For Calgary IT Support: Call (403) 219-3031

Highly Experienced Techs

Our Onsite Calgary IT Support Department is popular and growing every month.  I think it is because of our awesome techs.  They are all friendly, honest, highly-experienced (as in several years experience in the field), and extremely competent individuals and techs.


We are all SAIT trained with networking, servers, and A+ certifications. Having achieved Microsoft Small Business Specialist status, you can be assured you are dealing with dedicated professionals who have close contact with Microsoft. We provide you with all the benefits of your own in-house IT department, without the cost. All of our technians have a minimum of 3 years real world IT experience.

If you are a home computer client or need virus removal, please click here.

Some of our clients: Cookbook Company Cooks, Metrovino, Wright Brothers Homes, Deemack Hydraulics, Western Wood Truss Association, Microsoft, Cintas, Joey Tomatoes, Second Cup, Fast Gas, Al's Compliance, I & J Travel, Alberta Cancer Foundation. Lina's Market and many others.

Take your mind off computer troubles and concentrate on your business.

For IT Support: Call (403) 219-3031