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The Task Manager is not your Mother!

If you push the ctrl-alt-delete keys all at once, you’ll open the Task Manager. No, this is not like your boss or your mom trying to get you do your chores or tasks!! Lol!! This is a utility that shows you what applications, processes, and resources your computer is using. Try pushing those keys right now. Ctrl-alt-del!!!

If a program has frozen and you can’t quit it, you can hit ctrl-alt-del and force quit it. I have to do that all the time on my son’s computer. He has a web camera attached and for some reason the software that runs the camera always freezes. So I hit ctrl-alt-del. Speaking of my son, I am his Task Manager, and I think I’ll tell him to clean his bathroom. Forunately he can’t ctrl-alt-del me and make me be quiet. But you can ctrl-alt-del the applications on your computer.

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If you have any questions please e-mail me. I have a computer repair business in Calgary, Alberta. I ‘m dedicated to fighting spyware and malware. A lot of people are really having bad spyware trouble with their computers, and I want to help them.

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