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How To Update AVG Free and Stay Free Forever Without Zen and PC Tuneup

Has your version of AVG expired and is now prompting you to purchase? Stop! You can stay free forever (reminds of the song Born Free, as free as the wind blows, sorry I’ll stop singing.) And you can also install without Zen and PC Tuneup.

There really is no need to purchase the product, you just have to update to the latest version. (You will need the paid version if you are a business, however, or if you want to support this superior antivirus and get the better paid version at the same time.)

But you don’t have to upgrade to the paid version. AVG is free for home users.

Here’s how:

  1. Don’t go to free.avg.com and click the download AVG free button as you see below. It will give you AVG with Zen and PC Tuneup which you may not want as Zen tries to install AVG on all your devices.PC Tuneup sometimes breaks operating systems after clients have installed and run it, so Ducktoes doesn’t recommend it.
    Free Antivirus
    I think these people are singing Born Free, don’t you?
  2. Go here instead and download this offline version for 64 bit systems 9which most people have):
  3. Or if you have 32 bit use this.
  4. If don’t know whether you have 32 or 64 bit go here.
  5. Now go fix yourself a nice hot drink and relax.
  6. When presented with this option, choose basic protection and click next. Otherwise
    you’ll get the trial version which will expire in a month.Custom AVG Installation
  7. Choose custom install and uncheck all of the checkboxes except “Computer protection.” We find the other protections, although helpful, will sometimes cause complications, so we uncheck them.Uncheck Options
  8. Now it will download and install.
  9. See not so bad..
  10. I promise I won’t sing “Born Free” when you come see us at our Calgary computer repair shop. Do come see us however or give us a call at 403-219-3031. We can also help you stay free with AVG remotely. Colin has been know to do it for free even.