WordPress Virus Removal

WordPress Virus Removal

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Website Virus Removal
Someone unauthorized tries to log-in or hack-in to my WordPress site several times a day everyday and also into one of my client’s sites. After noticing this, I have heightened security and configured the log-in to resist hacking.

The hackers are trying to access my sites for their own ends: to put malware on it or use it as a blackhat SEO factory. They want to make extra, hidden pages with Viagra or payday loan ads or some other scheme. Whatever they are trying to do, I don’t want them anywhere close. Their changes would make a mess of my code and could get me blacklisted from Google.

But it does happen all the time, WordPress and other  websites get hacked into and infected with malware and viruses, then blacklisted by Google. Usually it’s a mess to clean up.

We’ve done it several times now for small business sites and are now offering it as a new service.

If your WordPress or other site is infected with Malware, we can remove the virus and clean up the code, then prevent it from happening again.

Just contact us for our WordPress Virus Removal Services.