Fix the "Open With" Virus

Fix the "Open With" Virus

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I just fixed an odd virus: the “Open With” Virus. Everything I tried to open including my usual anti-virus programs prompted a dialog box asking what I wanted to open the AVG with. Of course that’s silly, you can’t open AVG with another program like Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader. It kept me from doing anything. That’s why it’s called the “Open With” virus. The virus asks, What would like to open that with? Oh, I think I’ll open Internet Explorer with Civilization 4 (I have sons). And I’ll open itunes with Instant Messenger. See, it doesn’t make sense, and moreover it doesn’t work, in fact nothing works, and you are stuck. You are deep in the doo doo of Malwareland.

A photo of giant turds from computer repair Calgary
You're in the deep doodoo of Malwareland.

Some techs say you have to reformat if you get this virus, but Ms Ducktoes hates that word “reformat”. I’ve seen it make a grown man cry. And then when he cries, I cry, and then I get a sinus headache and my mascara runs down my cheeks. So I find it much better and less embarrassing to do this instead:

Right click on the program you want to run, such as AVG. From the choices displayed, click on “Run as” and pick your own user. There’s a box you have to uncheck too. I ran AVG and it quarantined the virus. Then I was able to do the usual virus clean up.

A photo of infected computer from Calgary Computer repair

But if you don’t have an anti-virus on the computer already what do you do? Install Malwarebytes on another computer. You’ll get a set up icon on your desktop. Stick a flash drive (you can buy them at any electronics store) into the usb port and go to My Computer (Start > My Computer, or just “Computer” on Vista) and you’ll see all your drives, your hard drive or drives, your dvd player, and now the flash drive. Click on the flash drive. A window will open. Now drag the set up icon of Malwarebytes into the flash drive’s window. Remove the flash drive.

Then put the flash drive into the infected computer. It will probably have to install as a drive. Go to My Computer. Find the Malwarebytes set-up icon. Right click on it and “Run As” your user. Let it install and run and do it’s thing.

After that go to this page on my blog, click these words here and follow the rest of the instructions.

If you want, Ducktoes Computer Repair can fix your virus. Click here to read more about our remote service. Or click here to book remote appointment. We’ll get back to you.

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13 Responses

  1. This fix worked great! I was stumped with this for a couple of days and would have never thought of using Run As.

  2. This didn’t work for me! Please help! I did a full computer scan using AVG and no threats were detected. Any other suggestions?

  3. Downloaded the Malwarebytes’ Anti-malware 1.51 and it worked! Thanks a lot. My computer is working fine now

  4. Yea – I got caught up in thinking there was nothing I could do about those kinds of things, early in my time as an entry level technician. As I got more curious and wanted to sit there and rid computers of viruses (to figure it all out) rather than reformat, I started to realize stuff like this.

  5. Thank u so much. Other sites had very lengthy & tedious processes to go through to remove this virus. You are my hero.

  6. Downloaded the combo fix and it worked! Thanks a lot. My computer is working fine now thank you s0oo much!!