What to do if your Boyfriend Spilled his Beer on your Laptop

What to do if your Boyfriend Spilled his Beer on your Laptop

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So your boyfriend got drunk and spilled his beer on your laptop. Or your two-year-old spilled orange juice on your sister’s notebook. Or you splashed just a little coffee on the laptop’s keyboard. This can mean your laptop is toast or that nothing much is wrong with it, depending. Depending on what you do and how fast you do it.

Don’t cry or yell, don’t call your boyfriend a drunk, or apologize to your sister. These are huge wastes of time when your laptops viability is at stake. And don’t turn on the laptop to see if it’s okay.

So what do you do?


If the computer is turned off, keep it off. If it’s on, turn it off as quickly as possible. Hold down the power button for about 30 seconds..that should do it. Unplug it.

After it is completely off, take out the battery.

Put a towel between the keyboard and screen and leave it opened and turned upside down to dry out.

Take it to your tech and get it cleaned up or repaired asap. Liquid and electronics do not mix. A short could wreck the motherboard. Or a corrosive liquid like cola could eat away at the components.

Don’t do this:

Do not turn your laptop back on. You will be greatly tempted to turn it on to see if it’s okay. If you do, it definitely will not be okay. This is the worst thing you can do.

If you leave it off and get it to a professional, there’s a chance you won’t need to replace the motherboard or other costly repairs. A cleaning may be all that is needed. Or maybe only the keyboard will have to be replaced.

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