Calgary SEO Experiment Progress

Calgary SEO Experiment Progress

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Well, I’ve written 15 posts the last three weeks and have not moved up much yet on Google ranking.  I think I moved up one spot. This is for my SEO experiment. According to one internet marketing expert all you have to do is write four to five posts a week to improve your ranking, and make yourself Penguin Update proof, so I’m trying it out.   I guess it takes longer than three weeks.  I’ll keep posting.  It’s fun anyway.

If it works, it’ll be a Penguin Christmas present to my company website.

Photo of penguin in a red cap holding a red Christmas present.
Internet Marketing Present to Ducktoes

I don’t know how I’ll write in Europe where I’m going in a week but maybe I can. We’re going to spend Christmas with our son Ben who is studying there.  I can write about the antique computers in the Versailles or the best wifi in hotels or something.  I know, I’ll do one of my favorite things to do in Europe, sit in a Paris sidewalk cafe and drink cafe au lait.  I can write blog posts at the same time.  I’ll be like Hemingway, although not drinking alcohol.  I’ll save that for red wine at dinner. I won’t write blog posts while drinking red wine because I might get sloppy and say something sentimental or silly or worse slop red wine on my laptop.

How I'll do SEO experiment even in Paris

How I’ll do SEO experiment even in Paris

Here’s my internet marketing page on my Ducktoes website.


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