Remote Repair, Anywhere

Remote Repair, Anywhere

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At Ducktoes Computer Services, we spend more and more time doing remote support. One tech Colin is often doing remote support at least part of everyday. He is really good at it and also good and friendly with the people on the other end. I too do a lot of remote work and instruction. I enjoy it. We often help clients for free if it only takes a minute or two.

customer support in call center

In fact yesterday I helped a long-term client whose Inbox email was sorted by date the wrong way. He wanted the latest emails on the top of his Inbox instead of where they were at the bottom. I went in remotely and showed him how to click on the top of the column where it says “Date” to change from oldest on top to latest on top. Now he can do it himself next time.

Colin also had remote call. He fixed someone’s desktop whose email was receiving but not sending. He consulted with Jody another tech at the office during the repair. Sometimes we’ll all be around the computer that is being fixed and offer help and ideas. Many techs are better than one in this case. Usually someone is familiar with a problem.

Last week during the blizzard, we repaired a computer in Priddis. The owner of the business said the snow drifts in her area were as tall as she was but she needed her computer to work or she’d lose business. There was no question of coming to town. It took us a few hours but we charged her a flat rate for virus removal.

Also we fixed a computer for a client on vacation. Her Dropbox wasn’t working and she was worried about losing photos. So we remoted in and fixed her computer in her hotel room.


A couple of years ago I helped a cousin whose computer was infected with a virus. He was worried since a database crucial to his business was on that computer. It was pretty badly infected but not so bad we couldn’t do it remotely. Sometimes it was hard to move the cursor the virus was so entrenched but my cousin, being smart, caught on quickly and could see what I was trying to do and moved the cursor himself. We got the virus removed and his computer repaired and functioning in 45 minutes or so.

Unless your problem is hardware or you have a virus too severe to fix remotely, we can fix many problems over the internet. This saves you the time and expense of driving or using public transit to come to the shop or having to pay for the more expensive onsite support which we also provide.

Anywhere in the world, we can help.