Warning! Stop! Do not enter (your data on this computer)!

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If you are using your own or someone else’s computer and it is slow, ad-ware, spyware, and malware-loaded, never enter your credit card numbers or other sensitive information on-line, because you never know where your data will end up. A spyware-infested computer will be painstakingly slow and its Internet Explorer will have these tell-tale symptoms: extra toolbars across the top of the browser (which are not Yahoo or Google) or a hijacked browser (a bogus ad-filled search engine) that you can’t get away from or get rid of when you are attempting to go to your preferred search engine.

Yet sometimes your computer may have nasty spyware or malware without being slow. But if you don’t take precautions, your computer definitely will get it, and sooner rather than later.

In fact, if you do not even understand what I’m talking about, then STOP doing your banking and shopping on-line!!! You need to educate yourself and take preventative actions FIRST. You need to install a good virus software (AVG is free) and several anti-spyware programs (Spybot, Ad-aware, or AVG Anti-spyware.) You need to run them routinely. Or buy Spyware Doctor. It runs automatically.

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And even after you learn how to do protect yourself and your computer, or get someone else to do it for you, never enter your info on a public computer, or computer you don’t manage. If you don’t want to take the time to learn how install and run virus and anti-spyware programs for your own internet safety, then hire a good computer techie to do it for you. Read this blog to educate yourself. Ducktoes can help if you live in the Calgary area. Call (403)483-0105. You can–with a the right software and precautions– use your computer for shopping or banking safely, and Ducktoes can help you do it!!

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