Infected by DNS Changer? You Have Until July Before the FBI Shuts You Down

Infected by DNS Changer? You Have Until July Before the FBI Shuts You Down

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If you happen to have a virus called the DNS Changer, you, or at least your computer, has been involved in a huge FBI crime sting operation involving Estonian and Russian cybercriminals.   What intrigue and thrills!   Here you thought your computer was behaving itself quietly at home when really it was off consorting with dastardly foreign types and now has even involved you with the FBI.  Aren’t you excited?  Isn’t the adrenalin flowing?  In fact, if infected, you are now getting your internet through the FBI.

Do you know where your computer has been?

But not for long.  The virus has rerouted your computer’s DNS  to go through the Estonian servers, and originally there were 4 million of you rerouted that way.   The FBI has now taken over these servers from the Estonians and so you now are getting the Internet courtesy of the FBI.  The Estonians have been arrested, by the way, the one Russian remains at large.

Now the FBI is worried that if they turn off the servers, all people whose computers have the virus will lose their internet connection.  So they are giving people until July to remove the virus.  At that point they will shut down the servers.  It is very considerate of the  FBI to do this, considering many if not most viruses turn off or prevent people’s internet browsers from working.

Everyone should check to see if they have the DNS Changer virus.  Here is a site that tells you how.  It has a utility to check your computer for the DNS Changer infection.  The site is an FBI security partner.

If you want Ducktoes to check to see if you have the virus we can do in our shop or remotely.   We are Calgary virus removal experts.  We can even check out your computer remotely with our remote services.

2 Responses

    1. No, just their access to the internet. The infected computers are rerouted through these servers and at some point the FBI will have to shut them down. If the owners get the virus removed and the dns changed back to the right settings, which they need to do anyway, they’ll be back to normal.