Free AVG 8.5 Out Now

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Many of my clients are worried about the new AVG. They’ve been receiving alerts and trying to update to the new AVG. AVG 8.5. They think they have to pay.

A new version of AVG is out but no, you don’t have to pay for it. It’s free as usual. Click here to download it. If you have trouble downloading it I will be glad to assist you. Just call 403-483-0105. It is the first thing you need for good protection along with some decent anti-spyware software.

Sorry I’ve been away, floating down rivers in Europe with Mr. Ducktoes, Little Ducky son and so have been remiss in writing posts for this blog.

Please as usual don’t be shy about making comments and suggestions.

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1 thought on Free AVG 8.5 Out Now

  1. AVG is a good antivirus but is free and that means you have no much support. You should try Kaspersky :-)). It’s amazing !

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