Ducktoes Bursary: Helping to Close the Technology Gap

Woman focused on career and studies in technology.

Ducktoes SEO is proud to sponsor this bursary.

Ducktoes is proud to announce its bursary for women studying technology.  Since women are still hugely unrepresented in technologies careers, owner Cathie Dunklee-Donnell wanted to do something to encourage more women to enter the fields of technology.

As a SAIT graduate and former teacher, Cathie notes: “The reason I was able to start and run a successful tech business was because of my training in computer technology from SAIT and I’m so glad I persevered and followed through with my studies. It wasn’t easy — I had a young family to care for, but the rewards made it all worth it.”
— Catherine Dunklee-Donnell,
Owner, Ducktoes SEO and Computer Services

After learning computer networking and technology at SAIT, Dunklee-Donnell found that many opportunities opened for her, leading to her success as an entrepreneur in business. She now wants to help other women be successful through careers in technology.

To read more, please go to our Calgary SEO page: or to the press release about this on Marketwired.

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