Can you fly our tiny quadcopter?

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Can you fly our tiny quadcopter?

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If you come into Ducktoes Computer Shop this week, you may see us flying our new toy, a tiny quadcopter from Estes called Pro X Nano Copter.  It is so fun, it’s addictive, although a bit hard to fly.  It’s small like a large insect yet with its bright blue and red lights not hard to watch fly around the room.  Ducktoes tech Doug Clark, a remote-control copter and plane enthusiast, first brought one to the shop and now we’ve been flying them and selling them at the shop too.  We’ve crashed many times.

The trick, as Doug taught me, is to pull the throttle toward you to land it, if it gets out of control.  Once you get that down (no pun intended) you’ll crash less.  He says to practice hovering first. Soon we will offer flying lessons and Doug will teach.

We only have one quad copter left, although we’ve ordered more.  The quantities are limited because they’re hard to get, since there’s so much demand at the moment.

We’re on 8th Avenue and Centre St. NE just over the bridge and up the hill from downtown Calgary.

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