Acer Aspire E15

Acer Aspire E15

Multitask with ease with this laptop. Stream videos, send emails and work on that report all at the same time!

CPU: Intel i5 5200U
Memory: 8GB DDR3 L
Hard Drive: 1000GB
Operating System: Windows 8.1 64bit
Display: 15.6" TFT Color LCD

$699 $599

Toshiba Tecra R940

Toshiba Tecra R940

Get the best Windows 10 Pro experience with this laptop.

CPU: Intel Core i7-3540M (3 GHz)
Memory: 8GB
Hard Drive: 320GB
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
Display: 14" HD+

$650 $550

Lenovo laptop Thinkpad e550

Lenovo - ThinkPad E550

This new laptop is a quality Lenovo ThinkPad for an excellent price. It's both lightweight and heavy duty. This is the last one in stock.

CPU: Intel i7 5500U (2.4 GHz)
Memory: 8GB
Hard Drive: 500GB
Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit
Display: 15.6" HD LED 200 nit

$1300 $1100

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