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Gaming Console Repair

HTC Vive headset disassembled

You’ve probably heard it can’t be fixed,  just get a new one. Here at Ducktoes, we know those answers don’t sit right for passionate gamers. Our gaming console repair experts are fellow gamers as well as masters at fixing systems other places have given up on.

We fix everything, handheld or not, large or small, old or new, nostalgic or cutting edge, it doesn’t matter to us! Ducktoes understands that there is something unique about each console’s playability, aesthetic, and nostalgic appeal. We understand the nuts and bolts of systems and can get you the answers and repairs you seek. We even handle the really unique stuff, like VR systems and arcade machines.

Just want to see if it’s possible to get your old gaming console working again? We can take a look for our very reasonable diagnostic fee. Then we’ll come to you with a fair price to get it up and running again. 

So come into our Centre St location with your system and we will get you honest answers and well-priced fixes. We also love to talk gaming as much as we enjoy fixing gaming systems. Tell us about that indie game you’re obsessed with, the 90s console you still prefer, or your favourite multiplayer game.

If it turns out your console is beyond saving, we have an electronics recycling drop-off at our centrally located shop, so it’s a great place to drop off anything for proper disposal. We’re experts in gaming computers, can fix your gaming computer or laptop, turn you onto our favourite emulators and games, and have well-priced laptops refurbished in-house by people who really know computers.

Call (403) 219-3031 for more information.