Calgary Electronics Repair

Ducktoes does it all, including electronics repairs!

Are you a theatre company with broken audio or lighting equipment?

Got a stereo system repair that needs a trustworthy eye?

Have an old ham radio you want fixed and working again?

Maybe you even looked up 3D printing Calgary and landed on this page…

Either way, you’re in the right place!

Here at Ducktoes Computers, we have the kind of techs who love the challenge of electronics repairs. From TV repairs to point-of-sale systems that date back to the late 1980s, to 3D printing and speaker system repairs — you can trust our technicians to get it working again, on time and at a fair price.

We do audio and video repairs, control panels, circuit boards, any type of electronic repair.

We Specialize In:

TV Repair Calgary

At Ducktoes Computer Services in Calgary, we can also fix your electronics

They don’t make ‘em like they used to… In an age where everything is made to be broken, we can make your expensive flat screen TV last that much longer.

We repair damaged television components including power switches, circuit boards, and broken HDMI connections… Just about everything, except for broken screens.

“Why not broken screens?!”

Well, we’d love to be able to fix your broken TV screen but unfortunately getting them shipped to us is not logistically feasible. The price of just shipping a replacement screen is often more than the cost of simply going out and buying a new TV… It’s rough and we don’t like it, but we’re pretty much stuck on this one.

Stereo System and Audio Speaker Repair

Calgary's Ducktoes Computers can fix your stereo and speakers

Big or small, we repair them all! From theatrical sound systems to car audio repairs, we can get that sound system dishing the decibels again.

We have fixed large concert speakers, vintage record players, professional Whammy pedals, mixing consoles, and even our fair share of cassette players… At this point, we welcome the challenge of fixing an audio device that we haven’t had a crack at yet!

Point of Sale Systems

While most current POS systems come with their own customer support and maintenance services, we know from experience that there are simply some systems that do not.

We’ve worked on sales systems hardware that is both older and younger than most of our staff. From customized restaurant computers to older CRM systems for libraries, our expert technicians know how to make them work again.

Gaming Systems and Consoles

Ducktoes Computers Calgary can repair your old console

From Xbox to Playstation, Nintendo to Atari – sometimes it takes a skilled tech who loves gaming as much as you do to fix your favourite console. We can even repair old-school arcade machines, Gameboys, and VR headsets.

Everything Else

At Ducktoes Computers in Calgary we fix more than just computers

If it’s electronic and it needs repair, we may well be able to help make it work right again! So give us a call or just drop on by and let us know what you need us to fix.

Call (403) 219-3031 for more information.