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The SEO Calgary loves because it really works.

Make a splash on the web with our Calgary SEO services. We use the most up-to-date and effective search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies to get more traffic, revenue, and visibility for your website and business. You don't need to stay on the back pages of search any longer.

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Why Go with Ducktoes SEO Services

  • Our results speak for themselves.
  • All clients who stay with our SEO services for enough time reach the front page and then move higher.
  • Their revenue grows as their traffic and ranking grow.
  • Our SEO prices are lower than other reputable Calgary SEO agencies and our certifications, expertise, and training are greater.
  • Unlike some of our competition, we only use ethical digital marketing practices that won't get your site penalized by Google.

Why You Need SEO

Why do you need SEO? Because:

  • SEO is the easiest way for any Calgary business to make more money online.
  • SEO is low cost, since it is much less expensive than other marketing such as print, television, radio, billboards, yellow pages, or newspaper.
  • SEO is more effective and reaches more people.
  • SEO improves branding and content. Since much of SEO and digital marketing is about developing content: branding, blogs, sales pitches, video, and graphics. Digital marketing (SEO) also improves the content of your business.
  • Internet marketing increases your visibility and lets you be found by the people who need you, the people who are searching for your services and products..
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Why Go with Ducktoes SEO Services

  • Our results speak for themselves.
  • All clients who stay with our SEO services for enough time reach the front page and then move higher.
  • Our SEO prices are lower than other reputable Calgary SEO agencies and our certifications, expertise, and training are greater.
  • Unlike some of our competition, we only use ethical digital marketing practices that won't get your site penalized by Google.

Ducktoes SEO Company attending training at Pubcon 2018 in Vegas:

Ducktoes team attends Masters Class and other workshops at Pubcon

SEO Company – Calgary. Call for more information:
Cathie Dunklee-Donnell, Certified Advanced SEO Analyst (403) 219-3031, or send us a message.

Ducktoes SEO consultants preparing a client strategy:

SEO consultation at Ducktoes SEO agency.

Most of our SEO clients are located in Calgary and Vancouver. We offer local Calgary SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and do all our own work. We don't hire companies overseas to provide our SEO services.

Where you want to be in Google search results (at the top for PPC, local search results, and organic search results):

Google search results for Ducktoes number one ranking for Seo and ppc.

You want to be high in Google Search like Ducktoes is for the search query "Calgary computer repair". We've done this SEO for ourselves and other businesses in Calgary and Vancouver, and we can do it for you. Ducktoes SEO services can help you get good rankings for organic results, local search, and PPC or Adwords.

Content Creation for Online Marketing

Google prefers high quality content and backlinks for high ranking. Ideally, you need to have an awesome site with awesome content. We can help you make your site the best it can be. This is the best SEO strategy you can pursue. We will help you put content on and off your site to get you where you need to be. We also place you in high quality directories like Best of the Web.

Content creation can not be underestimated since it is the most important aspect of your web design. Google stresses the importance of content over all other components of a website. We can help you develop that content. We write text, make videos, take or find photos, or guide you in doing those things for yourselves.

Content creation is important for SEO. This is a graph showing content creation.

SEO Track Record

Already this is our track record:

  • All of our SEO clients are on the first page of Google for their keywords and are moving up toward the top.
  • Many are at the top in first or second.
  • Your company could be moving up too.
  • Our clients did not drop in ranking due to the changes in Google's algorithm as many SEO clients of other companies did.
  • We keep on top of Google's current standards and preferences and adjust our strategies accordingly.
  • Join us at the top.

Get started now. Call (403) 219-3031, or send us a message.

We figure out the best SEO keyword searches for your local services and products and build our SEO campaign around those searches. It takes between three to six months before Google responds but in the end, being at the top of Google pays off in a big increase of hits and customers to your website, meaning more clients and revenue. So start today so your revenue and business will increase as soon as possible.

Ethical and White Hat SEO Practices

We employ the best SEO and digital marketing practices. We only use White Hat techniques so you won't be blacklisted from Google. We employ a diverse base of strategies and use them persistently until you arrive where you need to be in Google Search Results.

We are at the top of Google for Calgary Computer Repair and can do the same for you.

We determine the best ways to outstrip the SEO competition for Calgary SEO or Toronto SEO or Edmonton SEO. Then we use those strategies to start moving you to the top.

Search Engine Optimization Procedures:

  • Content is king, but links are queen. And she wears the pants. You'll get both with Ducktoes SEO.
  • Keyword Research. You'll be optimized for keywords and advanced latent semantic indexing that will bring you the most traffic and business.
  • Competitor Research. We'll find the strategies and techniques your successful competitors are using.
  • Quality backlinks. You'll get high ranking backlinks to signal relevance and authority to Google.
  • Citations. You'll receive citations to improve local search and Google map rankings.
  • Onsite optimization. You'll get optimized and unique title, meta-description, and other tags.
  • Content optimization. We'll make your site the site Google wants to serve in search results with onsite and offsite content.
  • Google My Business. We'll configure this and help you get on the map on Google search results.
  • Geotargeting / International targeting- Your site will be on the proper geographic location.
  • Sitemaps - You need both XML and HTML sitemaps.
  • robots.txt - We'll create a proper robots.txt and include it in your Google Search Console account.
  • .htaccess - We'll make sure your site is being forwarded to the proper canonical site.
  • Preferred domain - We'll choose either www or non-www.
  • Website Analysis- To make sure you have the optimal amount of keywords, text, headings, and meta tags in the proper order and are following best practices.
  • Local Search Optimization - optimize your site for local search with schema markup such as JASON-LD.
  • Google Analytics - We'll set up your Google Analytics account and analyse, check tracking, and filter spam.
  • Google Search Console/Webmaster Tools - set up, review, and maintain.
  • Competitors - Analyse competitors off and onsite SEO practices and website.
  • Keyword Tool- Use of keyword tool to find keywords relevant to your search for PPC.
  • Text - Analysis of text to use quality, natural sounding and user friendly text with no keyword stuffing.
  • Bad links - Check your site for negative SEO, scraper, or spammy links.
  • Remove or disavow bad links if necessary.
  • Other optimizations and strategies.

Certified SEO Agency

Cathie Dunklee-Donnell is certified in Advanced SEO from Bruce Clay, SEO Trainer.

Certified SEO Analyst from Bruce Clay Advanced SEO training

She is also trained and certified in Yoast SEO.

Image of Yoast SEO badge since Cathie Dunklee-Donnell successfully completed the Yoast SEO course!

Calgary Adwords and PPC Help

Ducktoes is a Google partner for Adwords. Ducktoes can also help you set up and maintain your PPC or Adwords Campaign. We can create ads, optimize youer pages for quality so the Adwords will be less expensive, and tweak them to run even better.

How does your business rank with search engines?

Most users use major search engines like Google and Bing for finding information and services online. They usually click sites that are listed on the top of the first page of organic search results. Most of them believe that online businesses found at the top of search results for their specific targeted keywords are a major brand or authority in their chosen field (service or product). And they are right.

With these reasons, it's very important that your website should be as high as possible on search results.

We also have a SEO Blog for beginners.

Let's face it. Being high in search can never be a bad thing, unless you already have too much business.


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