SEO Experiment

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According to this article, all you need to do for SEO is to write four or five blog posts a week.  You’ve got to be kidding.  All you need to do? Oy vey, my client in Nevada said and made me laugh, as she always does, since that is a huge amount to do actually and difficult for many people, including Ms.Ducktoes.  However, I’m going to take up the challenge and post that many times a week and see if it works.  Content is king and all that.  We shall see, mon ducklings, we shall see.

Right now my Ducktoes site is in fourth for the keywords “Calgary computer repair” and I will see where it is in six weeks from now.


A photo cute ducklings in a row.  Seo Calgary.

Getting your SEO ducklings in a row.



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