Extra Toolbars

Yesterday I was at a client’s house to remove spyware. She had four extra toolbars in her Internet Explorer browser window, in addition to the ones that are part of Internet Explorer. One was Yahoo’s toolbar, another, Google’s. Two others were Mywaysearch and Globalsearch.

These last two were adware and spyware. They installed into Internet Explorer directly. My client did not want them or request them. She didn’t even know how, when or from where they came; they just suddenly appeared in her browser. I removed them by running Spybot, but the Mywaysearch was not totally removed. Spybot asked to run at startup but instead I hit ctrl, alt, delete and stopped the process. Then I could run Spybot again and get rid of it completely.

If you would like me to remove malicious ware from your computer, call 287-0105 or go to www.ducktoes.com.

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