Don’t Keep up with the Joneses!! Help them instead.

Don’t Keep up with the Joneses!! Help them instead.


These days everyone has spyware and viruses on their computers. It’s become the “in” thing. In your computer, that is. So if you keep running your computer without anti-spyware, you’ll be like all your neighbors. You’ll be keeping up with the Joneses! They won’t know it, they’ll be watching their oh, so, slow computers trying to check their e-mail. Or calling every tech under “computer repair” in their town or city.

Unfortunately the above is true. The costs of maintaining computers are skyrocketing because of malware trouble and slow computers. We seem to be losing the war. People are having to reformat their computer every year or more because it won’t work properly with so much spyware on it. Or they just buy a new computer since they’ve lost their install disks too and it’s hard to find drivers and even more expensive to reformat if the tech has to go on the internet to search for them. If you are good with computers, then you need to become a Ducktoes hero and get rid of spyware on your friends and neighbors’ computers. Use this guide. It does work.

If we work together, maybe we can discourage spyware authors.

Then you can be our hero!!!