Come See our 3D Printer

Come See our 3D Printer

Exciting News
Ducktoes now has a 3D Printer at our computer repair shop in Calgary!!  It can make 3D objects based on a 3D computer drawing of a model.

We Made a Duck
We made this blue plastic duck (Ducktoes duck) with our 3D printer (see photo below) and many other things.

3-D printer and plastic duck

Totally Captivated
Our heads are turned. We are totally captivated and playing around with it all the time.  (The printer not the duck.)  I have to keep yelling at the techs to get back to work.

This is Not the Entire Truth
Actually the techs are totally consumed with their work almost all the time, even when when I want them to relax a bit, even when I order pizza.  I have to pry them out of the basement to get them to eat. I yell downstairs with dire pizza announcements, such as “Hey, you guys, the pizza is getting cold!”  Or if that didn’t work, with: “The customers are eating all the Hawaiian; all that is left is vegetarian!” etc.  Ducktoes techs love their work more than food, it seems, a good thing. They also love the 3D printer.

How it Works
Before you print, you have to make a 3D model with 3D modeling software. The printing uses a process called slicing which divides the 3D model into hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers. The slicing of the model is also done with software. Each slice is printed with a layer of plastic. The printer prints each slice layer by layer, by laying down a layer of plastic on top of another over and over until the object is complete.  The plastic comes out of a large spool, on a long plastic string. It is fascinating to watch so come to Ducktoes Computer Repair Shop in the afternoon to see for yourself.

Printing another Printer!
Now we’re printing the 3D printer parts so we can print another 3D printer with our 3D printer.

See the Printer in Action (and can you guess what it is making?)
Here’s the printer in action.  A video taken by my son Ben Trigueiro.  If you figure out what it is making, please don’t tell anyone since our loyalty might look suspect.  If you must know, we did make the Flames one first, and that’s also a clue. Okay, you can tell…if you can figure it out.

We Love New Technologies
At Ducktoes, we love to try out the newest technologies and expand our knowledge and skills.

If you’d like your own 3D printer, you can order it through us.

Please Leave a Comment
I’d love it if you leave a comment below to tell me and us what you think. That would be so cool. Or really do stop by and see it for yourselves at 902 Centre St. N.

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