Clean Out your Junk Files

Clean Out your Junk Files

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A photo of a very neat and attractive home office with a computer.

Clean out your junk files with this recommended computer repair tool, ATF Cleaner. For years, the folks at Bleeping Computer have recommended ATF Cleaner for cleaning up junk and temp files safely.  They are a volunteer organization that helps people with their computers online and we trust their advice.  At Ducktoes Computer Repair we regularly use this as part of our optimization package. If you’d like to speed up your computer, I recommend using this every month or so to remove unnecessary file that are slowing down your operating system and browsers.

A photo of the ATF repair tool interface.

We uncheck the Cookies because otherwise you may lose some settings such your bank card number being displayed when you go to your bank account online.  You’ll have to enter it again.  We also uncheck History because we don’t want our clients to lose their browser history in case they need it.

After you run it, you get a little window telling how much it removed.


You can download ATF Cleaner here.   It says it is only for XP and Windows 2000 but everyone finds it works well on newer versions of Windows including Windows 8.

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