Calling the US Election with Link Counting

Calling the US Election with Link Counting

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According to Majestic Seo, which counts links to different websites, there are indications Romney’s website started receiving many more links than Obama’s, every since right before the first debate.  Yet, if you read on, on closer analysis, the Majestic Seo blog post goes on to point out, a lot of links came and went in one day.

Majestic Seo says if you could see where most of the links come from, the data would take a different twist.  But you have to have a subscription to see.

I do have a subscription for Ducktoes SEO work I do and I did take a look.  Thousands upon thousands of links came from conservative forums, all at once.  So it would seem it was all a well-orchestrated SEO campaign.  But to what end?  The Romney PR and marketing consultants must have thought ranking higher would be good for his campaign.  Clearly they must have thought so, to spend so much time, energy, and money on the project.

I’m not sure ranking higher on search results will help Mitt Romney, but it certainly can help your business get more traffic.  Ducktoes Calgary SEO services can help.