Be Careful: Cryptolocker Back after Two Week Hiatus

Be Careful: Cryptolocker Back after Two Week Hiatus

Cryptolocker is back after a two week break.  This ransomware encrypts all the files on your computer’s hard drive and will not decrypt them you pay the ransom.  Two weeks ago the FBI and Mounties took down Gameover Zeus servers which also contained the Cryptolocker virus and put both out of commission.  We at Ducktoes were so relieved because as a virus removal service dedicated to helping you and fixing your computers quickly and effectively we often have to deal with this horrible virus.  After a computer is infected there is very little we can do to bring the files back.  Cryptolocker is devastating to businesses that lose business files and individuals who lose all their files, especially photos.

Unfortunately, Cryptolocker is now being used as a stand-alone program without Gameover Zeus.  It is back in service.

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What we can do at Ducktoes is prevention and help you not get the virus in the first place.  Please be careful and do the following:

  1. Don’t open pdfs or any attachments unless you are ENTIRELY sure about them.
  2. Backup your computer right now and then disconnect the backup drive from your computer.  Backup often.
  3. Install Malwarebytes Premium.  It prevents the virus.  We have it on sale at the shop.