The Best Way to Backup Your Computer

Never loose your important data again.

For backing up, I recommend that you backup your whole system so that if something happens you can get everything back, the operating system, programs, documents, photos, settings, and music. In other words everything you have on your computer. Windows does this as part of their Recovery program in Windows 8.

I also recommend that you backup your files and photos separately on a regular basis.

With both a system image backup and a file backup, you'll have good prevention from a data catastrophe.

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Then if something happens to your hard drive or operating system you won't lose a thing. You just reload your system image and you have your entire computer back just as it was.

An excellent commercial program for this is Acronis True Image. It makes an image of your whole computer so you won’t lose programs or data. It costs $49.00 for one pc or $79 for three. You can also get cloud storage for $4.95 a month.

Another good program that has a free version is Paragon.

If you want to backup just your documents and files there plenty of free programs. One is Dropbox. It will backup any document or photo to the cloud and let you access it from anywhere. Or Google Drive does the same.

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Or if you want to do it yourself, read our tutorial.

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